Module 5 Assignment “PLE Diagram and Reflection Assignment”

MODULE 5  PLE Diagram.png

This was an interesting experience. I feel like I am typically a very creative person. Sometime back during this class, I had read a quote describing PLE. It was described as a “A self-directed and evolving environment of tools, services and resources organized by a person seeking a way to accomplish lifetime learning, to create, and to connect with others of similar interests” (Malamed, 2014)

I could not get the word “tools” out of my head. I am a tool guy and to me, a diagram including a tool belt, a plan, and hands building just made sense. That seems to be the entire purpose in being connected to others is to be able to better do it ourselves. For that reason, the plan has a purpose and links directly to the creation process itself.

Upon reviewing others in my class, I was blown away at the creativity of others. Actual pictures drawn and/or made or taken. The one that really caught my attention was posted from Better Wells. She included a vehicle which included the learners as passengers and the “tools” in the trunk. I really like that she added the wheels as representing sharing. Sharing with others truly takes us where we need to go. Our learning destination or desired outcome.

I also was struck by Jake Lee’s diagram. He had a web interconnecting these concepts and ideas together with resources and directions. At first, it looked like a mess, but it actually made complete sense. Kelly had a great idea with a trail and how it leads to specific outcomes as well.

Tiffany drew hers. I am not that skilled but I loved seeing the simplicity of her diagram. (Not that it was simply made) but it made sense logically which was similar to Robs and Tina’s with the Shoe rack. All these different views and skills really puts into perspective what a Personal Learning Environment really looks like.


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